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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pondering the Scriptures Sunday #29

Anger has been one of my biggest downfalls.  I'm a bit slower at it now than I use to be so I'm gettin' there.  Anyway, I thought I'd ponder what the scriptures say about the subject and so here's a few:
  • He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.  Proverb 16:32
  • Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry:  for anger resteth in the bosom of fools.  Ecclesiastes 7:9
  • A wrathful man stirreth up strife:  but he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife.  Proverbs 15:18
This one made me laugh ... only because I was thinking about how I am when it's that time of the month:
  • It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.  Proverbs 21:19
That's all for now.  Hope you're having a good sabbath.  ~Have a great week!!

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