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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pondering the Scriptures Sunday #34

I've been MIA in this meme lately ... having spiritual struggles.  Generally been having plenty of "one of those days", so I've also been sparce in reading and blogging as well.  :( 

Anyway, here's one I need to ponder:

"The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit."  Psalm 147:3
I sure could use some encouraging words ... got any?  ~Thanks.


  1. I just said a prayer for you... hope you find that encouraging!! Hang in there and take care!

    Erin @ Read Real Reviews

  2. Thank you Erin! Indeed very encouraging ... and it's working. I had a good day at church. :)

  3. Sorry you are having a struggle right now. Life always seems like a cycle of ups and downs.

    I was reading in the Doctrine and Covenants last week in section 122 when Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail. The Lord tells Joseph that his experience will be for his own good, and at the end of the section the Lord says, "fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever" (end of Verse 9).

    I love that reminder. No matter what man may do around you, God is always there for you.

    I hope you find peace in your struggles. I know that they don't often go away, but if we can find peace in them, we can get through.


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