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Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Aiding and Abetting"

by Muriel Spark, 2001, AF, 166p, rating=3.5

"Lord Lucan was a dissolute member of the British aristocracy whose accidental murder of his children's nanny (he was trying for his wife) and puzzling disappearance created a sensation in Britain—and a tantalizing mystery as yet unsolved. In Muriel Spark's version of Lucan's flight, his adversary is Beate Pappenheim, a fake Bavarian stigmatic who embezzled missions from devout followers before assuming a new identity as a celebrated psychiatrist. These two inhabitants of the farther shores of morality collide memorably in her brilliant new novel, where "aiding and abetting" Lord Lucan's well-padded fugitive life is the name of the beastly upper-class game and a duel of wits plays out with potentially mortal consequences. The artful murderer meets the master con-woman—who will emerge victorious?"  (Goodreads)

I'm not sure what it is about based on true story books that captures my interest.  This one certainly pushed my curiosity button.  Nothing like murder and on the run to get the ball rolling ... by the 7th Earl of Lucan no less!  His unsolved mysterious disappearance made for the perfect base for imaginative minds to explore and so it was for Ms Spark, I assume.  And what a tale!  I found this to be quite entertaining and odd take.  The mind games was definitely present.  I especially enjoyed all the characters.  They were zany and so it made for a fun read.  Overall, leaving me to say, "That was strangely intriguing."

This makes me wonder to what extent that I would aid and abet a friend ... hmm.

A different read for sure so give it a shot.  It's a short book.  :)

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