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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters"

by Harold E. Meyer, NF, 1992, 435p, rating=4

A month ago this book came in handy and it was quite helpful.  I had been with the company for ten years and decided it was time to resign.  I found the "perfect" template under Resignation ... Want Less Travel.  Cool!

Words don't come quickly to me and I tend to spend too much time searching for the right words so this truly saved me time. 

The book's blurb sums up this book well so here it is:

"Now you can save hours of time and effort writing your own correspondence with this monumental collection of 850 letters for virtually any business or personal occasion. 
Whether it's answering a customer's complaint.. welcoming a new employee.. apologizing for a mistake.. requesting a favor.. or any other situation that calls for written communication --this complete, one-volume resource provides you with the precise letter that clearly expresses the proper tone and exact message you want to convey. 
Revised and updated for the 1990s, this Second Edition covers over 500 categories, and includes ready-to-use model letters for:
  • thank-you and appreciation
  • sales and fund-raising
  • requesting and declining favors
  • answering classified ads
  • sympathy and condolence
  • applying for a new job
  • collection and warnings
  • resignation and termination
  • making tributes
  • asking for a job interview
  • and much more!
To find the exact model letter you want, just scan the easy-to-use Index or Table of Contents.  Letters can be quickly located by name, category, or topic.  Then choose the appropriate letter and copy it --or personalize it with a few words of your own.
And to boost your own personal letter writing confidence, each group of letters also includes a complete "How To Do It" section that shows, step by step, how to:
  • write an interest-arousing opening sentence
  • write a persuasive closing sentence
  • make a sales letter sell
  • solve the problem of saying "no"
  • express true sympathy in a letter
With this extensive collection at your fingertips, you'll never again be concerned with what to say -- or how to say it!"

Although one can get help from the Internet, it sure was convenient to have this for reference.  :)

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