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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mail Giddy

I was truly giddy when I got this in the mail this weekend!  It came the same day that we were having a birthday party for my daughter so it felt like it was my birthday too ... this being my present.  Pretty cool.  Anyway, thank you Alison @ Alison Can Read for the wonderful treat!  Oh by the way, Alison had mentioned that I was the last one to enter the giveaway and chose me!  How lucky was I?!! 

I read the book last year and liked it a lot.  When word came out that Robert Pattinson was to play the leading role, I couldn't picture it.  He just didn't seem to fit the Jacob in the book that I imagined.  When the trailers and promo pictures started to come out, the idea that he could pull it off warmed up to me (he was great in the movie Remember Me).  He was awfully cute and it had been a long time since I've read the book so maybe?

After the party I did a quick minor clean up then relaxed and watched the movie by myself (the fam had other interests).  Well, it was pretty good (3.75 stars/5).  The movie brought back the lovely read and I think Christoph Waltz did an amazing job playing August.  Of course, Rosie rocked!!  As far as Pattinson and Witherspoon .. good but not amazing.  The forbidden love affair gaze was there but lacked the passion ..I'm not talking about the raunchy kind, but something more searing.  I think they played the characters a bit too subdued or something? Oh, I don't how to describe it!  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie and this DVD will be in my prized collection.  

In this case, the book was much better.  However, I do appreciate the movie.  It was a good tribute.

BTW, I didn't realize that Reese was petite.  --Just an observation, I'm not saying I have anything against petite people ..I'm petite!

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  1. Very rarely is the movie as good as the book. I read this book a while ago and quite enjoyed it, as for the movie? Not too sure I want to watch this as everyone I know who has watched the film agrees with you that there is no chemistry between the two leads. Thanks for your thoughts on both the book and film.


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