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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Out Today! -The Hungry Family Slow Cooker Cookbook by Christina Dymock

My printed copy is in the mail.  Thank you Ms Dymock!  But in the meantime, she also sent me an ebook copy.  I took a quick browse and saw a segment on facts and tips about slow cookers.  I also noticed that she gave each recipe a personal touch by briefly talking about it.  I like that.  A story behind the food makes for a lively cookbook. Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes.  There's tons of variety!  I'm always a busy bee so I certainly could use a free hand when I can.  So be sure to come back later for my review but meanwhile, check out what others are saying (below and on the tour) about the cookbook and pick one up today ..fresh off the press!!  ~Oh, if you happen to be in Utah on the 27th, go check out her launch party ..see details below.

It's every busy mother's dream-come-true: dinner that makes itself! With the help of your trusty slow cooker and these healthy, easy recipes like Peppery Cilantro Salmon, Sausage Stew, and Dark Chocolate Mini Cakes, you can put dinner on the table even on the craziest of days. Don't let the whirlwind of life stop you from feeding your family the food they deserve -- delicious, home-cooked meals straight from your slow cooker.

What others have said about The Hungry Family:

"The Hungry Family Slow Cooker Cookbook is so much more than a cookbook. It's like having an expert in the kitchen with you, holding your hand and helping you every step of the way.
It is a delightful compilation of "oh I'm so gonna try this one" recipes, tutorials for all levels of proficiency which are entertaining to read, and photos to tempt your salivary glands by saying "pick me, pick me!".
-Syndey Cline
Author of Feeding The Masses

"If you are looking for satisfying meals, you have come to the right place. Hungry Family Slow Cooker Cookbook is the tool you need for making delicious dishes your family will devour."
- Shauna Evans
Author of Sweet and Savory:Award Winning Recipes Made Easy, Skinny-licious: Lite and Scrumptious Recipes for a Slimmer You, and 30-Minute Meals for Families

About the Author:
Find her: Facebook | Website

Christina Dymock was once at a dinner party where her husband was teasing her about the frosting-to-cupcake ratio on her dessert. The woman sitting across from them sniffed her delicate nose and said, "If my husband gave me a hard time about my frosting I'd quit baking. That'd show him." To which Christina's husband replied while pointing at his speechless wife, "Try to stop her!"

Christina divides her time between the kitchen and her computer and books and her family of six. (Naturally, the family gets the biggest share.) Because she reads everything, she also feels compelled to write in several genres.

Author of Young Chefs, 101 Things to do With Popcorn, and The Widow's Mite

Get it now here:

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