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Friday, April 16, 2010

"The Notebook"

by Nicolas Sparks, 1996, 214p, rating=4

The best Sparks book I've read so far! A sweet, flowing, and sensual novel. I like The Green Mile story telling style... an old man looking back at his young life. Oh, and what a love story!!

Noah and Allie came from different social classes and so it was going to have that West Side Story/Grease/Romeo and Juliet kind of relationship ... it wasn't going to socially fly! During one summer to remember, the two fell in love. Fourteen years later they meet again. Allie now engaged and Noah keeping busy in order to drown his love lost. In their two days of spending time together, their love again was overwhelmingly alive. The passion unbridled but true. Allie must now choose from two men whom she loves. Easy? Maybe.

Wow, I was stirred! Physically and emotionally. Hip hip hurrah for tender love!! Bring on being old!! That's all I can say without giving away too much. Now, I'm eager to see the movie version ...I know, I've been locked in a cave! It's no wonder I have time to read!! :)

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