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Saturday, August 14, 2010

"A Grief Observed"

by C.S. Lewis, 1996, 76p, rating=2

This book was originally published in 1961 under the pseudonym of N.W. Clerk then restored under C.S. Lewis in 1996.  This is a memoir of Mr. Lewis' lament of his beloved wife's death. 

This went over my head!  His thoughts and questions were too deep for me to get a grip.  It had a poetry feel to it and you know how I am with poetry ... I'm dumbfounded.  It's a terrible feeling!!

Going on my "feelings", I did sense his great love for his wife.  I appreciated his struggle to make sense of his situation.  Everything and everyone, including God, became target to his plight to understanding.  He was writing down his observations that were befalling him.  How heavy and inconsolable those information must have been.  And somewhere in there, I found a sense of disagreement with him about some of the things he said about God.  But I can't seem to pinpoint them.  My spirit just felt confident that something was not in array.

Grief is no picnic ... no picnic at all.  The process however seems to be inevitable because we are mortals.

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