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Monday, September 13, 2010

"Set Sail for Murder"

by Carolyn Hart, 2007, 278p, rating=2

"When retired newspaper reporter Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins, Henrie O to her friends, receives a call for help, she discovers that love once kindled never burns to ashes. Although she refused Jimmy Lennox's marriage proposal, there is still a special place for him in her heart. She wished him well when he found happiness with Sophia Montgomery, world-famous documentary filmmaker and stepmother to the now grown heirs of a great fortune. Sophia is at odds with the heirs, and Jimmy fears for her safety. He asks Henrie O to come along with the family on a Baltic cruise. Henrie O can't turn down her old friend, though old passions are stirred when he calls.

On the voyage she soon realizes this dysfunctional family is plunging toward destruction and one of the travelers has murder in mind. As the ports of call pass—Copenhagen, Gdynia, Tallinn, St. Petersburg—death inexorably approaches. Henrie O works desperately to save Jimmy and to bring hope to lives blighted by anger, resentment, and heartbreak." (book's synopsis)

My first mystery genre read and it was basically a flop!  Oddly enough, this light mystery was the right concentration I could muster at the moment.  I'm just happy to finally get through a book!!  I've been trying to tackle my "back-of-the-burner" list (things I've put on hold because I'd rather be reading!) so I didn't have much time for reading.  This book seemed to be the best choice to read inbetween chores from the books I had lined up to read and apparently I was right!  I felt the others just needed more concentration that I wouldn't have been able to provide.  I know you must be thinking, mystery needs concentration.  Well, glad this one didn't!!  The characters wasn't interesting enough and the whole story wasn't thrilling as I would think a mystery should be.  Overall a dry read.  ~I'm one for the quirky detective character as that of Monk from the TV series Monk.  Something of that venue would catch my fancy.  Any suggestions?

I am not done with the mystery genre all togther.  I'm sure there are tons of mystery books out there that are amazing.  You might even have a few in mind from the top of your head, right?


  1. Ooh, I can't imagine a 1 rating!!!
    How about that old reliable Agatha Christie? say, Murder on the Orient Express or And then there was none.

  2. OK, a 1 rating was harsh ...must have been one of those days. This certainly doesn't belong in a horrible book list so I changed it to a 2 rating. :)


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