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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"The Firm"

by John Grisham, 1991, audio cassettes, read by D. W. Moffett, 3hrs, rating=3
*I own a copy of this audio book*

"When Mitchell McDeere qualified third in his class at Harvard, offers poured in from every law firm in America. The firm he chose was small, but-well respected. They were prepared to match, and then exceed Mitch's wildest dreams: eighty thousand a year, a BMW and a low-interest mortgage. Now the house, the car and the job are his. Then the nightmares begin: the secret files, the bugs in the new bedroom, the mysterious deaths of colleagues, and the millions of dollars of mob money pouring through the office into the Cayman Islands, dollars that the FBI would do anything to trace. Now Mitch is in the place where dreams end and nightmares begin..." (Goodreads)

Another audio book I listened to over the weekend.  I didn't care for this presentation that much.  I read the bound book years ago and really liked it.  The many voices of Mr. Moffet just didn't work for me here.  The occasional theatrical music helped a little but it still lacked the thrill I remember feeling when I read the book.  So in this case, reading the book is better than this version. 

I recall not liking the movie adaptation over the book version as well.  Tom Cruise was great but having had read the book and liked the book first... it just didn't hit the spot.

Oh, I went to the library today and discovered a bunch of books on CD and unabridged!  Now I've got to dig out my portable CD player in the garage.  Wish me luck because it's going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack! --That's what I get for being a pack rat and downsizing to a smaller house ... but my view is incredible!!!   ...and less cleaning!   =D

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  1. Hi! Cool new template.:) Anyway, reading your review brought back memories--of enjoying the book and not liking the film that much either.:) Also, was interested reading your take on the difference between the audiobook vs. the printed book experience. To be honest, I've never given audio books a try.


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