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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Filipino Friday

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Yay, Filipino Friday is back!  That means the Filipino Reader Conference is around the corner.  Bummer I'm too far to attend (conference is in the Philippines and I'm in the U.S.).  Anyway, in anticipation of meeting at the conference, this meme serves as a venue to get to know one another.  Hence, each Friday for 5 weeks we are invited to answer the topic of the week.  How fun!

This week's question:
Introductions. As with every start of a weekly meme, we need to know a bit about you! Talk about your top 3-5 (or more!) favorite books of all time, the genres you read and would never read, the books that surprised you this year. You can also talk about how you became a reader and why you love it so much! And finally, if you were in the ReaderCon last year, talk about your experience too! If you weren’t there, but you’re planning to go this year, then what do you expect for the upcoming ReaderCon?

My Answer:
Hmm, I'm a recent bookworm so I'm just getting my feet wet.  I did have my moments of reading books here and there since childhood but never really stuck until I started to blog about books two years ago.  The initial reading and blogging at that time was fulfilling a couple purposes ..(1) I would be able to contribute to conversations regarding books with my friends, and (2) something to call my own ..aside from the life of being a homemaker.  Then the more I read and the more I blogged, the more I enjoyed reading and I ended up learning so much about the community of book lovers out in the blogosphere and felt great at being part of it!  Reading and blogging became a passionate hobby and the connection with people with the same love gave me extra place in this world.  Reading is now part of me!  My drug, my refuge, .. and blogging, my fourth child!

I started off reading whatever I got my hands on and that was books from my local library.  I'm queen of frugal so that was the best way to go and I'm fortunate to have a fabulous library that had great selections.  Furthermore, I'm a soft hearted person by nature so I gravitated to general fiction books that tug at the heartstrings (hence the blog URL) ..Mitch Albom, Nicholas Sparks, holocaust stories, etc.  But I branched out trying out other genres ..mystery, classics, non-fiction, religion, etc.  But it was YA that took me by surprise.  I discovered that I liked it more than I thought I would.  Overall, I'm an eclectic reader but I avoid heavy romance and violent books.  In general, I will aways find the soft stories, adult fiction or non-fiction, my home.  Oh, I honestly can't name any favorite book(s) of all time ..I don't think I've really come across it (them) yet ..though, Standing for Something by Gordon B. Hinckley is dear and near to my heart. 

I didn't attend last year's ReaderCon nor will I attend this year.  I will just have to vicariously be fed through the official RC website and networks and try to contribute as much as I can.


  1. I feel the same about blogging and reading! And I am glad to have a fellow YA genre fan! :D

    Speaking of holocaust stories, have you read The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak? It's a favorite of mine.

  2. Yay! A fellow YA reader! :)

    I can relate with you on reading and blogging being something you can call your own. Also, since most of my friends aren't as enthusiastic in reading as I am, I found friends online who I can get all squeamish over a book (or several ones) and wouldn't feel weird about it. ^_^


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