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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Classics Club: Introductions

(Join HERE)

Your online name: Jinky

Your blog name: Jinky is Reading

How many books you hope to read for the club: 50

When you joined: 3/21/12

Describe your literary background: Yikes, does classics in movies count?  No?  That's partly why I joined! :)

Why you joined The Classics Club and/OR one interesting fact about you: I want to make sure to include culture in my readings!  ..One interesting fact about me: My dad said I was named after Jerry Lewis's daughter-in-law.  His son, Gary married a Filipina name Jinky and my dad liked the name so there. :)

The favorite book you’ve read so far for the club (if you’ve begun your list.) Or, the one you’re most intrigued to read: Yikes, I've only read two:  Breakfast at Tiffany's and To Kill A Mockingbird.  Definitely like the latter much better (review still to come)! 

Link ONE POST from your blog that you believe speaks to who you are: Wow, that's a hard one.  There's a piece of me in every post.  Off the top of my head I'd go with my review of a book that I hold dear to my heart, Standing for Something.  But just in case you want to learn more about me you may check out my review of Ilustrado or the meme, Know Me Better.

•Answer the one question you wish everybody would answer who enters this thread.  Hmm, my question, "Do you have a specific plan on how you will accomplish this challenge?":  Not exactly.  I figure 10 books a year book a month with a couple of months off.   But looks like I'm way behind schedule so I'm looking forward to your answers and get some tips.  *wink-wink*

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  1. I didn't know that this existed so I'll have to check out the link. I love the classics, but absolutely hated the ones I had to read in high school (I think it was something about being forced to read in class and being the only person who actually did the reading meant I was the only one to actually have discussions etc).


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