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Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: The Stones of Horsh by McKenzie Wagner

The Stones of Horsh (Benotripia #2) by McKenzie Wagner, YR, 2013, 144p, Rating=2.5
Source: ebook PDF review copy provided by publicist in exchange for an honest review

Roseabelle's mother is off fighting the enemy in the north. But the bigger danger is on the island. The Darvonians have invaded, and they want the legendary Stones of Horsh to give them the power to defeat the Benotripians.
With her friends Jessicana and Astro by her side, Roseabelle sets out on a quest to find the stones first and destroy them. But the Darvonians always seem one step ahead of them, as they meet new dangers they’ve never seen before. Can they beat the invading force in the race for the stones?
Roseabelle's exciting new adventure is perfect for parents and children alike. The warm friendships, easy-going characters, and constant dangers will excite readers of all ages, and the magical island is sure to ignite your imagination!

I'm use to reading mature author writings so I can see a difference.  This book was certainly impressive for a twelve year old author and with further training her fanciful storyline will have more in depth descriptive flourish.  That said, I would consider this to be a solid good book for elementary kids.  Its adventures were appropriately imaginative for said age group.  The writing was simple and easy to follow.  The character personalities that Miss Wagner created complimented each other and the theme of the story.  The names however took a bit of getting use to for me ..too odd to my reading head (call me picky).  Overall, this is a series I wouldn't mind my young children reading.  I can imagine that they might find it incredible because it spoke their language level and inline with their vision.  This mama may just be too old and misplaced her kid mojo.  ;)

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