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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Dance of the Seagull by Andrea Camilleri

The Dance of the Seagull by Andrea Camilleri, Narrator -Grover Gardner, AF, 2013, Playaway digital audio, 5.5hr, My Rating=3.5
Source: library

Before leaving for vacation, Inspector Montalbano witnesses a seagull dancing outside his homebefore it drops dead. Stopping in at his office, he notices that Fazio is missing. As he sets out to find him, Montalbano discovers that the seagulls dance of death may provide the key to understanding a macabre world of sadism, extortion, and murder.

Interesting find at my local library. I like the title. The book was overall an intriguing detective story with funny moments.

I hadn't realized that this is one in a chain of novels/short stories of Inspector Salvo Montalbano that the Italian author created. These works was made into a TV program in Italy available in English subtitles. I understand that there are a few more in the works for book translation. Cool.

Just found out that my local library has a few more of Camilleri's gems. Yay!

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