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Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Brava, Valentine"

by Adriana Trigiani, 2010, 332p, rating=3.75

What a pretty cover and the story line wasn't too shabby either. I didn't realize that this is the sequel to the author's Very,Valentine novel so I'm not sure if I missed out by reading this first. Anyway, it was a nice read. It had some bigger than life characters. The turning point for me was when the relationship between Valentine and her brother got better and from then on it wasn't just a bunch of crazy family members being crazy. Because underneath the craziness was a strong close-knit family of generations. I also like how friendship, bigotry, marriage, infidelity, forgiveness, trust, and motherhood vs career hood was addressed. And of course, the love stories that unfolded because of these dynamics. --You'll find some chuckle moments too.

Gram at her 80s gets married again and her new life is now to be in Italy. This leaves her to hand over the New York family shoe business to her granddaughter and grandson. But Valentine and Alfred do not get along. Also, while in the wedding in Italy, Valentine's love for Gianluca is rekindled but the ocean is not the only obstacle that will keep them apart. Moreover, Valentine stumbles into a missing family link and that proves to open a can of worms!

**My quotables:
"Sex is life...Sex is what tells us we're alive, and we're connecting, and roots us in the present." pg318

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