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Monday, December 20, 2010

"A Christmas Carol"

by Charles Dickens, AF, 1999, c1843, 122p, rating=4

"Ebenezer Scrooge is not a nice man.  He is mean to his employees and mean to his family.  He doesn't understand Christmas at all.  Then three ghosts appear, haunting Scrooge.  One shows him Christmas past.  One shows him Christmas present.  And one shows him an eerie Christmas future.  Now Scrooge has one last chance... before it's too late." (from back of book)

Chances are great that one is already familiar with the story before reading the book.  This is so because there are many movie adaptations.  Come Christmastime at least one of them is floating around the many hundreds of TV channels.  A world wide spoiler!  Yet, there's nothing like reading the book to get the original perspective.  Well, the adaptations pretty much got it right (and over time, spiced it up!) so there wasn't much of an element of surprise.  In that regard, it took away some delight.  Still the message is timeless, comforting, and worthy of spreading.

The ending done me in!  I am such a big sucker for a 180 degree turn of attitude stories for the good end.  I felt the renewed joy with Mr. Scrooge.  I really was smiling at the turn of events. 

Like the title imply, a Christmas song.  This was a song of being happy and spreading cheer.

Thank you Shirley for gifting me this book for Christmas.  What a sweet treat!

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