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Monday, May 7, 2012

Movie: The Avengers ..Aaahhh!

I know this isn't bookish but it's based from comic books so we'll let this slide, right?  Anyway, I've been waiting for this movie to come out and I finally got to see it today for date-day with hubby dear and wowzers it did not disappoint!!  Totally loved it!  Super heroes are the best!  This movie was like some you young folks would call, the bomb!  In addition to the spectacular special effect, it had heart and humor.  Not to mention the eye candy casts ..namely Chris Hemsworth ..but dang Robert Downey Jr. brought it on in this movie!  Oh, Agent Phil Coulson you too!!

Okay, that's all.  I just had to do a virtual scream.  Alright, one more time ..AAAHHHH!!!  :D


  1. Yeah! I'm glad you liked it! I just went to Amazon and bought me a Captain America tee shirt, and a hulk tee for my hubby. ;)

  2. haha it was pretty darn awesome :D I heard there is a second movie coming out... I would love to see that too

  3. Gaby --yes, Thor!! Love him! Looking forward to watching him in Snow White...

    Aimee --how cute and awesome! I'd get me a Wonder Woman outfit ..haha!! ..too bad I don't have the body for it. :(

    Arianne --really, a 2nd won! I'm there! That'll be great! Maybe they'll add Wonder Woman. :D


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