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Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Rosetta Rosetta Sit By Me! by Linda Walvoord

Rosetta, Rosetta, Sit By Me! by Linda Walvoord, YR, 2004, Hardcover, 96p, Rating=3.5
Source: library

"Rosetta, Rosetta, Sit by me!" That's what the white girls at Miss Tracy's Female Seminary yell when Rosetta, Frederick Douglass's nine-year-old daughter, shows up on the first day of school. But things don't turn out the way she expects.

This is a simple and heartwarming based on true story account of intolerance through the eyes of a nine year old. This book is short enough to keep the attention of a young reader and simplified for their understanding. I really like the title of this book. It fit perfectly with the positive message by story's end. Then if you're a history buff, the last quarter of the book is for you because it detailed, outlined, and sourced the true story of Frederick Douglass (aka Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey) and his family. Informative but for me, the read felt like reading the story all over again but in a more factual way those pages are for skimming. ;)

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