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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Author-Book Profile: Reaper by Lindsay Hiller

About Author:

Lindsay Hiller was born and raised in Federal Way, Washington. She graduated from the University of Utah and now spends her days at home with her kids. Books have been Lindsay's favorite hobby for as long as she can remember. If you're not careful, she will talk your ear off about them for hours! Lindsay lives in Farmington, Utah with her husband Jake and their three beautiful children.

About the Book:

From debut author Lindsay Hiller comes her Bestselling Young Adult novel, REAPER, a shocking look into the torment that comes from being forced to use the very gifts you are shunned for having. Reaper is a dark, yet delightful, twist of fantasy and adventure with a touch of romance. Jenna Waters will do anything to escape her life as a Reaper, to never spend another night pulling vile memories out of the minds of Noblemen... But she goes too far when she steals a forbidden memory and must run from everything she's ever known. Only when Jenna finds herself in a prison cell with a death sentence does she discover how valuable her skill really is. But when an army marches on her Kingdom, can Jenna find the strength to save the people, and the Prince, who condemned her?

On Sale for 99 cents for 28 more hours!

[Helping authors promote their books.  Being profiled does not necessarily mean I recommend the book.]

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