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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Review: Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon by Clinton F. Larson

Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon (Book One: 1Nephi 1:1 - 1Nephi 3:29) by Clinton F. Larson, YR, 2012, eBook with audio option, 65p, My Rating=5
Source: purchased

Originally published in sixteen hardbound volumes, the original Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon was produced through monumental efforts by many prominent LDS scholars, artists, writers, researchers and assistants. This enhanced eBook edition brings their work to a new generation, complete with digitized and enhanced artwork, audio and text, and new designs and interactivity.

Book One original content &copy 1967 Promised Land Publications, Inc. Licensed to Grandin Press, LLC. First eBook edition 2012. New content added &copy 2012 Grandin Press, LLC.

SIMPLY AMAZING!! I got this and book #17 for free at iTunes/iBook. Score!

This ebook had the option to "read to me" and wow! The audio with orchestra score quality was phenomenal. The artwork was gorgeous too. Its original hardcover series is now current with the 21st century digital age ...sweet perks to modern technology. :)

My kids and I absolutely love it. We'll be reading/listening to this often and will slowly purchase the collection. It'll be worth the pretty penny for them.

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