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Thursday, May 20, 2010

"the last time i saw you"

by Elizabeth Berg, 2010, 244p, rating=2

Cute concept, classmates meet up for their 40th high school reunion and the wonder of curiosities develop. At their late fifties now, what is everyone up to? Well, Lester is a widower, Mary Alice a spinster, Pete still a hunk but on the verge of divorce, Candy just found out she has ovarian cancer, and Dorothy is divorced and determined to get a man. They and other classmates reminisce the old times and wonder who's going to hook up with whom by the end of this reunion.

I thought I might like it since it gave me a few chuckles but I just didn't. Can't seem to pinpoint what and why but it just didn't stir me (except for the few foul language, but that was a hurt my eye kind of stir). The ending was good in that it quickly summed up what ended up with the main characters and that the book ended!! Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a bad book. The writing was easy to follow and generally the characters were believable. I don't know ...

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