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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"The Locket"

by Richard Paul Evans, 1998, 361p, rating=5

Finally, a tug the heart book. I enjoyed reading this. I needed the cry. I like stories that talk about decency, passion, and integrity. This book grabbed my heart and squeezed it! I'm speechless.

An excerpt from the front/back flap: "The Locket, like all of my novels, is a love story. A story about the young love of Michael and Faye and the challenges they face. It is a story of old love, between Esther and the man she lost so many years before. But, ultimately, it is a story of the love between generations, and the nurturing and forgiveness those relationships always require. My hope is for you to come to understand the many gifts the elderly can bring to our lives. And, most of all, that in reading The Locket, you, and those with whom you share my story, will be brought closer to those you love and those whom you should." Sincerely, (author's signature)

**My quotables:
"We are chained to that which we do not forgive." pg 186
"...without passion we are doomed to mediocrity." pg 277

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