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Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Open House"

by Elizabeth Berg, 2000, 241p, rating=2.75

I see-sawed on this book. I like it, I don't like it, I like it. Well, it was a quick read and it did give me some chuckles so that's a plus. Hence, Rita's my favorite character here. She's the main character's say-it-as-it-is best friend and so she's a hoot! Reminded me of Kit De Luca in Pretty Woman.
So Sam (Samantha) finds herself surprised that her husband, David, wants a divorce. David moves out and one of the first things Sam does is go shopping. Not any kind of shopping, but Tiffany spree. She comes out spending $12,000 break my heart and I break the bank. Then reality sets in and she needs to pay the mortgage so she decides to rent out a couple of rooms in her house. Her eleven year old son was not happy about this, but he's got issues of his own. So the winners are ... an old lady, a crazy college girl, and a gay hairdresser. Oh, Sam also needed to find a job and there she is at the mercy of a job agency so she gets odds and ends kind of work. With all of this and a mother that quickly sets her up on blind dates are enough to make Sam nuts. In all of this finding myself moments, she is supported by long time friend Rita and a new gentleman friend King. By the end of the book she finds happiness. Hurray!!

This is a light book about some issues that might come of divorce. I don't know what it really is like to be divorced so I can't recommend this to a divorced person. I don't know if it would help or hurt. But I believe it hits the cliche mark that divorce sucks, you'll go nuts, but moving forward you'll be stronger in the end.

**My quotables:
""Stress hormones get released when you cry, that's why it works. It's amazing how smart the body is." pg14
"I don't feel sorry for a victim who keeps choosing to be a victim." pg 85

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