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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brief reviews

Another set of brief reviews.  It's too bad I can't seem to make time to make proper reviews.  I have so many thoughts I'd like to say about these books (and those previously reviewed briefly). 

Holes by Louis Sachar, YR, 1998, 233p, rating=4
read: 10/14/10

I'm going to cheat and provide you with a link to my friend's (Jzhun) review of this that I believe is incredibly well written as with all of his reviews... go HERE. ~Find his book blog website HERE and tell him I sent you. :)
How to Be an America Housewife by Margaret Dilloway, AF, 2010, 276p, rating=3.5
read: 10/15/10

A charming 4 generation mother-daughter story assimilating to culture shock and realizing the strength of roots. A nice cozy read.
Annexed by Sharon Dogar, YA, 2010, 337p, rating=3.5
read: 10/16/10

Bold undertaking for a YA book and for that I'd rate it 4-5 stars. But I'm not sure it really added more depth to Anne Frank's testimony ...that the book indirectly points out to do, so it gets a 3.5 rating from me.
Kaleidoscope by Sweta Srivastava Vikram, 2011, 19p, rating=2
read: 10/3/10

Kaleidoscope: An Asian Journey of Colors by Sweta Srivastasva Vikram, Poetry, 2010, 20p, rating=2

I won this book and I missed the part that said that it was a book of poems.  As you may know, poems and I don't get along.  It's mostly like reading Chinese characters to me.  What a terrible handicap!  ..When I tried really hard to understand, I saw something funny here and overall got an okay feeling.  I'm sure those of you into poems will find some depth in this. ~I still appreciate the win Suko and from time to time I will dissect a poem one at a time and see what I can find as to train my brain into poetry.  Wish me luck!

Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans, AF, 2010, 334p, rating=2
read: 10/19/10

I've come to like this author's style of writing stories that tug at the heart strings. This one though didn't do that for me. The Back to the Future, borderline incest aspect of the book was eeww-creepy ...just not my kind of romance! ~On a side note, Mr. Evans sure can write 'femininely'. He must be surrounded by lots of women or somehow knows how to channel womanly views because the character developments of the women in this book were for the most part, right on!


  1. Hi Jinky!
    So nice of you to even include my humble review of the book here and also for linking my nascent book blog. *blush*
    Thanks! Spread the love! ♥♥♥ :)

  2. I like the mini-review format you used here, Jinky. I think poetry becomes easier to understand over time. Thank you for letting me know about this review. :)


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