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Monday, October 18, 2010

Playaway ... WOW!

So I'm in the library browsing the audio section this morning and stumbled into this (well, the empty orange case).  It's not a CD or audio cassettes so I've got a very puzzled look.  I walk up to the desk to ask a librarian and she tells me that it's a player like an iPod that you need to plug in earphones.  Still confused I ask where I can get a player.  She says, "Here.  It's free.".  Cool, I thought.  So she brings me back this gadget.  I'm thinking she's going to get me two items, a player and a chip or something of the book.  Nope!!  Just this pre-loaded digital audio player!  How totally awesome is that?!  I walked out of the library feeling like a kid out of a candy store.  ~Wow, what will people come up with next? 

**Visit their website for details ... ... "Playaway is the easiest way to listen to a book on the go. Simply plug in the earphones and enjoy. No Cassettes or CDs. No Downloads. Just Play."


  1. So that's what those things are about. My library has a whole section of those.

    Thanks for stopping by while you were taking a break. That meant a lot!!

  2. Oh my gosh!! This is awesome!! Thanks for the explanation!! :)

  3. As ecstatic as I was with hearing this sadly, we don't have this kind of gadget that would be a great help to readers here. :(

    But still the possibilities are not remote if ever I saw one here in our National Library.

    Thanks for the heads up, Jinky! ;D


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