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Monday, October 3, 2011

"Above and Beyond"

by Sandra Brown, AF, 2008/p2004, Playaway digital audio, rating=4

The letters Kyla sent to her husband, Sergeant Richard Stroud, stationed a world away, spoke of a love that stretched across the ocean and held the young couple together. But when tragedy ended their marriage too soon, Kyla was left a widow with a newborn son. And Richard left behind only a metal box filled with his wife's declarations of love.
Trevor Rule had been Richard's best friend. Returning home from military duty, he carried with him the letters Kyla had sent. And with each one he read, he fell more in love with the gentle, passionate woman who had penned them. Now he needed to convince Kyla of his feelings, and that they both had the right to be happy, to move past the tragedy of Richard's death. (Goodreads)

The brief introduction was a grabber (military husband dies in duty, pregnant wife at home, husband's military buddy badly injured, clinging to life, reads wife's love letters and falls in love with her)!  My ears were definitely glued to the earphones.  Then not too long into the story, Trevor had to be a louse and lied to Kyla from day one.  Not a good way to start a relationship so I didn't see a good ending.  I was not liking Trevor's selfishness and brazen deceptions.  But, the sensuality was alluring and then, I can't believe the ending!  It took me for a loop.  Talk about perspective.  I was narrow minded until Kyla's friend, Babs (not sure of the spelling since this is an audiobook) pointed out a different picture ..or rather it was the same picture but a bit more insightful.  Gotta love friends for putting it out there!

I was listening to this book with moral ears so I almost missed hearing the message can make you do things the unconventional way.  As much as I wasn't liking the deceit, this book was passionate and I'm now bummed that it's over.  Well done Ms. Brown.  I'm looking forward to reading more of your books.

This was quite a sensual book.  Generous in description of love and passion.  I admit, I was stirred.  That said, I would recommend this novel only to adults.  ;)

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