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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Risky Business"

written by Nora Roberts, performed by Gabra Zackman, AF, 2010, p2006 (Goodreads says p1986?), Playaway digital audio, 7hrs, rating=3

Liz Palmer runs a dive business in the quiet tranquility of a Caribbean island. Tranquil, that is, until a routine trip over the reef reveals the body of her newest employee - diver Jerry Sharpe. But when his brother, Jonas, shows up asking questions, Liz can't see how she can help. She barely knew Jerry. Then someone breaks into Liz's apartment, intent on her murder. Liz realizes that she is already more involved in Jonas' quest to unravel Jerry's murky past than she wanted to be. And now Jonas and Liz will be drawn into a dangerous criminal underworld that could cost them both their lives... (Goodreads)

If you like romance stories with a hint of mystery and danger then this might be for you.  The vacation setting was a nice treat as well.  Plus, the narrator did a wonderful job at performing this novel.  She gave distinct feel to the characters.  As far as storyline, it had its good and not so good.  The concept was interesting but the nine lives of Liz and the not so smart villains made the read a bit "unrisky".  In other words, the mystery part wasn't so intriguing.  However, the romance part was nice to hear since I'm a sucker for second chances.  But oddly enough, I wasn't crazy about these particular couple.  Overall, a decent read. 

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