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Monday, October 24, 2011

Must Read Monday #1 and #2

Discovered another new meme that's quite fun and clever .. Must Read Monday by Fans of Fiction (go HERE to link yourself or find participants).

The goal of this meme is to find those books others are excited about to add to your To Be Read list.

Instead of answering a question, you are basically creating intrigue for other hoppers. What makes your book so swoon-worthy? What do you absolutely have to mention so they'll read it?

On your post, you'll make an acrostic puzzle (think of it as an overview/book blurb type of thing).

When you leave comments on other posts, be sure to mention whether you're adding that book to your TBR pile, and what part convinced you to do so.

It's all about powers of persuasion, people:) You might have to think a little, but channel that inner-creative goddess (or god).

I'm playing catch up so this post is for #1 (dystopian) and #2 (paranormal):

       WhaT would life be
   like if tHere was
     no lovE, color, or

           ThIs was the world
in this noVel.  A society
    of samEness.
          A tRue must read!!

~by Lois Lowry

            The first of the
         TWilight series by
StephenIe Meyer.
         A Love triangle story
             Involving vampires, werewolves
            Go read
           tHis if you haven't already.
           iT's better than the movie!!


  1. New follower. I too just found this meme, what a good idea you had to catch up with last week's theme as well. Wish I'd done that too. I love both the books you've picked. Hope you'll stop by and check out my poem as well.

  2. So glad you've decided to participate! Twilight is one of my favorites, as is The Giver. Actually, Matched by Ally Condie is very similar to The Giver. I love both books.

    I agree...books are better than the movie. If I hadn't read these, I'd add them to my list.
    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

  3. The Giver sounds interesting. And I agree that the Twilight books are better than the movies.

    Following back!

  4. I enjoyed the Twilight books too. The books are WAY better than the movies. I liked your acrostics. You made it sound like you were just talking to me. :)

  5. Great job! Following back. I love the fact that you talked a bit about the book and also told us to read it all in one!


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