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Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Get Organized the Clear & Simple Way"

...Reclaim Your Home, Your Office, Your Life by Marla Dee, NF, Self-help, 2007, Playaway digital audio, 8hrs, rating=3.5

Thousands of professional organizers have been trained by Marla Dee, Founder of Clear & SIMPLE and creator of the Clear & SIMPLE Systems. Now you can get inspired and bring this seasoned expert's skills into your home for less than the cost of a consultation!
Restore freedom, order, and clarity to your home, your office, and your life. Follow the unique Clear & Simple Systems which will transform your experience of getting organized from stressful and overwhelming to fun and simple:
  • SEE IT, MAP IT, DO IT --organizing systems for success
  • S.T.A.C.K.S --"step by step" guidelines to getting it done
  • The ART of letting go --clutter clearing made easy
  • Simplify your life -finding peace amidst the chaos
  • Reclaim your home --10 tips for creating beauty, order, & serenity
  • Stake your claim --10 tips for creating an office you want to work in
  • Powerful Paper systems --freedom from the piles
  • Freedom from guilt --honoring the "time of your life"
(book cover)

This was an interesting self-help book. It provides more than organizing the tangible clutter but also of mind and body. I was inspired and empowered to tackle my cluttered home.

I started with my kitchen sink and countertop and do I feel great! There really is something to a clean and uncluttered area. Oh, and I've been doing pretty good at maintaining it too!  So I then undertook my kids' bedrooms.  I had sent my kiddos to their grandma and spent the entire afternoon to declutter (got through one room and did the other the next day).  At this point the general areas are clean and simplified.  There are just things that were sorted to an organized pile to later then find a home.  It was quite a workout and seriously overwhelming!!  But it was a great start.  ~Thanks Ms Dee!

In sum, a decluttered surrounding can bring about a happy life.  I'm looking forward to being ecstatic!!

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