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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"The Girls Next Door"

by Cheri Crane, 2002, YA, audio cassettes, 4.5hrs, rating=3
Source: own

Karen Randall and Bev Henderson have been best friends since grade school. When the two girls head off to university at BYU—Idaho, their dreams of independence have finally come true. As they meet their new roommates, Meg, Jesse, Treena, and Kassidy, not only do they discover new friendships, but eventually a dark secret that threatens to shatter their relationships.
Meg is a serious-minded nursing student, who systematically avoids her family as well as the young men who are interested in dating her. Jesse, tall and athletic, has a major chip on her shoulder from her parents’ divorce. Easy-going Treena is strong in the Church, but worries constantly about her roommate, Kassidy, a beautiful young woman who is slowly destroying herself with a problem that she hides from everyone.
Follow these young women through their humorous, touching, and adventurous journey where they learn to rely on the Lord and ultimately discover that even during trials, they are still watched over and protected in beautiful and unexpected ways. (case cover blurb)

I bought this cassette version a long time ago on clearance but just hadn't gotten around to it.  I finally popped it in my old boom box (20+yo).  Haha, who has those anymore?  Me!  Anyway, isn't the book cover cute?  Quite telling buddies.  That pretty much sums up the ending of the book so the surprise was how they got there.  Well, these young college girls each had personal baggage to spice up each other's relationships.  Each having their unique personalities, troubles, and strengths.  Together they discover a bond brought on by temporal means but ultimately glued through spiritual.  Case in point, the tender care of Kassidy's eating disorder. 

A quick, clean, and wholesome read to pass time.  Might even bring back young newly-friendship memories.  Fun times!

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