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Monday, April 9, 2012

What Happened Blogger?!

Blogger for some reason removed my blog stating to the effect that they detected inappropriate activities.  So they linked me to a verification where I had to give them my phone number to re-access my Blogger account ...the same goes with my gmail account.  My first impression was that it was a ploy to get my phone number so I logged off the computer (thinking also that since I was using my husband's computer ..maybe that was it) and logged back on a couple of hours later on my computer.  My blog was still gone!  I conceded and gave them my number because I wanted to know what happened.  Once I verified I was back on but no explanation!  I'm so upset!!  What the heck happened?  I want to know because that was an awful experience!  I was thinking that maybe someone asked to remove my blog so I was bummed.  And just the thought that my 2 years worth of blogging disappearing was heart stopping.  Also, my mind was churning with thoughts of concern that oh my, I've got review post commitments lined up that authors are counting on and I may not be able to follow through with them.  Heck, just not being able to blog was beyond comprehension.

I am not happy with Blogger right now.  I don't know what to do.  I'm glad I'm back but not knowing why this happened is disconcerting ..would it happen again?  Terrible, absolutely terrible!!

Has anything like this happened to you and what did you do?


  1. Argh ... that sucks! I fortunately never had this happen to me, but I do know a selected few bloggers who went through the same that also brought them THIS close to a heart attack. Makes you wonder why and how this happens - could one "report" of your blog be enough? And don't they even look at reported blogs? I mean, hell, writing about books can't be that bad that such a blog should be removed *insert sarcasm*.
    Oh and a word of the wise - ALWAYS backup your blog content!! Only takes a minute and that way non of your work gets lost.

  2. Move to wordpress asap and make sure you have a back up at all times of the blog in case they do it again.

  3. Thankfully this hasn't happened to me, but I've heard horror stories. I'm thinking of moving to Wordpress soon because I've heard a lot of success stories. I have like 7 years of blogging and I would just DIE if Blogger messes with my blog. :S

  4. Hi Jinky, long ago I was the same, but with gmail account, not with blogger, I thought it was to check the absence of massive logs, but I really don't know, I ended up putting the phone number.
    Two weeks ago facebook also blocked my account and asked me my passport scan to verify the account, eventually they have activated it again forcing pass by page.
    Many people to avoid problems with these free services, prefer to pay a web domain.
    I think these things happen for an attempt to control users, but don't worry, backup is a good idea

  5. Now I scared since I use Blogger. I've been contemplating a move to WordPress. Maybe it's time.

  6. This happened not too long ago to me but with Google Reader. I was reading posts when I got a message to the effect of detected inappropriate activities. So, I ended up putting in the phone number.

  7. Thank you for your shiny two cents ladies!! --I'll look into Wordpress and paid domains. And will be backing up more often! --I was also concerned that I didn't have my blog to even restore my back-up!! --Scary!!


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