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Friday, March 1, 2013

Catching up on Downton Abbey

I had been seeing many posts on Facebook about the TV show Downton Abbey but I kept missing it when it aired (not a big TV buff).  Then I finally caught the last couple episodes when it was broadcasted.  However, on the very last episode (Season 3) I only got to watch the first hour so I missed the ending. Big blunder because I finally watched it a few days ago online and goodness gracious!! NOOOOOOO! What a cliffhanger. So, I elicited the help of my FB friends for access to the videos to see it all from the very beginning.  While I waited for replies, I came up with a plan ... 3rd Season I'd watch through PBS, 2nd Season I heard was on Hulu, and 1st Season is in Redbox but it's not on my town but it is at my brother's so I was going to have him borrow it for me.  Then one long distant friend had the 3rd season on DVD and was willing to mail it to me, so sweet! Afterwards, a local friend replied that she had all 3 seasons on video and willing to lend them to me.  Yay, now I don't have to scramble around to watch it!  Thanks Kris!!  Now of course, I'll have to find the time to watch. 

A regency feel drama set in the roaring twenties.  Fabulous!  I highly recommend it.

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