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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Know Me Better #13

Books You Are Dying to Read
None that I'm really dying to but one I really want to get my hands on .. The Wedding Letters by Jason F. Wright.

Foods you wish you could eat and never gain a pound
All foods!  I kid you not.

Things you have in your purse/bag/wallet now
I'd win Let's Make A Deal because I've got tons and it's not even a big purse! ... Kindle, receipts, iPod Sharpie, napkins, calendar planner, whistle, erasers, yo yo, little Lightening McQueen car, 2 wallets (credit cards, money, membership cards), keys, coupons, wipes, and more I don't remember, I'm too tired to go look.

Movies you never want to see again
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (#2 or #3??) ..I don’t remember who dragged me to see it but if it was my brother, he never picked a movie again and if it was a date, I never dated him again! :D 

Movie you watch over and over again
None ..I just don’t have the time. If I did, there would be tons but here’s a few: West Side Story, Song of Music, Star Trek:The Future Begins, Here Comes the Boom, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Battleship, etc.

**It's late and I'm tired.  Just saying.


  1. Love your movie you would never see again answer!

  2. I love the Lightning McQueen car LOL

    Here's my KMB.

  3. My oldest sister once forced me to watch all the freddy krueger movies when I was in the 3rd this day those are some of the only scary movies that I just can't stand no matter what!
    Pabkins @ My Shelf Confessions

  4. Two wallets. That's a good idea. I have so many cards that they're always falling out all over the place even though my wallet is huge with tons of card pockets.


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