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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sale Alert: Remy's Bayou Road Series by Kittie Howard

I'm very late in the celebration (announced  3/7, HERE).  Author Kittie Howard's Remy's Bayou Road Series is being featured in the Southern Writing Magazine and she will also be a contributor to the magazine's blog.  On such a happy note, Ms Howard is sharing her joy and placed her books on sale for an awesome price of 99 cents on Amazon (click on Amazon affiliate links below)!!  I've read the first book, Remy Broussard's Christmas, and found it endearing.  I'm currently half way through the second book, Rings of Trust, and so far it's enlightening.  If you like stories about the South/Southern setting or want to know a bit of its history, then this is your series!  I already have the books but I bought another set to gift.  Anyway, congratulations Kittie!  I'm so happy for you ...and those who take advantage of this treat to read your books. 

My review HERE, novella, Rating=4

When a classmate physically and mentally bullies Remy, the third-grader withdraws from friends and imagines the worst about his parents. Staring at the Christmas tree in the classroom enables the sharecropper's son to escape his poverty-stricken life and dream about opening a present on Christmas morning and having turkey for Christmas dinner, neither of which has ever occurred.

Friends blame the changes in Remy's behavior on Leonard's bullying and encourage Remy to talk to his parents, his teacher or his priest. Remy refuses, often with open hostility. As Christmas Day approaches, Remy's struggle to understand why he has so little and others have so much deepens. He concludes that Jesus is punishing him for hating Leonard and his bullying.

A bayou-laced, South Louisiana community comes together in 1952 to stop Leonard's bullying in a compassionate manner and open Remy's heart to the meaning of Christmas through love and forgiveness.

**Contains foul language (appropriate for its characters).

In a segregated South with a sharp racial divide, values are about to clash...

When David Broussard leaves Iwo Jima, the decorated Marine thinks he'll never be in combat again. He wants to be with his family, have an operation to remove wartime shrapnel, and get on with his life. But he can't, not in rural South Louisiana in 1953. The Ku Klux Klan is furious David Broussard's son, Remy, wants to go to a black friend's birthday party. The white supremacists come at the World War II veteran with unbridled fury. Since the Klan operates in secrecy, violence spreads during the night. Hit and run operations terrify those who live along the bayou road.

But something must be done. Moses Dubois is dead, lynched by the Klan. The white-robed supremacists are on the prowl, eager to kill again. When Henri Doucet disappears, David Broussard's idealism collides with the urgent need to protect his family. The Klan's left a note: 'You're next.' David can't act alone. He needs help. But whom to trust?

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