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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Glimpse of My Stressful Week

My checklist this week:
Prepare 4 promo posts; 2 books to read and review; got called in to work; daughter's swim lessons; Cub Scout pack meeting; making quesadillas for 35 kids; bake at least a couple dozen cookies; son's pre-school graduation; birthday parties for nephew and soon-to-be 5yo ..more cooking and now add party game planning; come up with end of school-thank you teacher gifts x3; prepare sharing time lesson for church; grocery and shopping for said activities; and of course, my ever ending homemaker duties ..cook, clean, laundry, and as Lily from Snowflower and the Secret Fan puts it, bed business!  But above all that, my brother and 2 nephews just left for the Philippines after vacationing here in the States.  I'm super sad.

Me stressed? Nah.  Just going to cry a little bit ..or maybe a lot.

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  1. Oh dear, it does sound like a severe case of too much to do without enough hours in which to do it.


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