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Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Crucifixion

Definition: A Roman form of punishment, usually inflicted only on slaves and the lowest criminals. The Lord was condemned to it at the request of the mob on a nominal charge of sedition against Caesar. The purple robe, the crown of thorns, and other insults to which He was subjected were illegal. The punishment was preceded by scourging. The criminal was made to carry his own cross to the place of execution, which was always outside the city. His clothing was the perquisite of the soldiers who carried out the sentence. The cross was driven into the ground so that the feet of the prisoner were a foot or two above the surface. The cross was watched by four soldiers at a time until death took place, which was sometimes not until the third.

Here's a story to ponder about:

On a cold, wintry day an airplane crashed into a bridge in Washington, D.C., and plunged into the icy Potomac River. Many people were killed, but six people hung on to the plane’s tail while men in a helicopter threw them a life preserver. The water was very cold, and it was hard to hang on to the plane. These people were afraid they might die before their turn came to grab the life preserver and be carried to safety.

Every time the rescuers lowered the life preserver to one man, he passed it to someone else so the other person could be rescued first. He did this until everyone else had been rescued, but then he could not hold on any longer. When the helicopter came back to get him, he had slipped under the water. He died before anyone could save him. (source)

  • Why do you think this man kept passing the life preserver to others? How would you feel if you had been one of the people this man had saved?

  • Think about the courage and love it would take to be able to give your life for others as this man did.

  • Remember Jesus’ pain and suffering on the cross. He willingly gave his life so every person who has ever lived, or will ever live, will live again because of his great love for us.

On another note:
Today's my birthday. Happy birthday to me! :)


  1. Sometimes I can't believe that someone loves me enough to have suffered and died for me. I know I'm not worth it, which makes it all the more difficult to believe.

    Rebeccah Writes - A-Z 2014

    1. That's the thing ...we are worth it! Now that's love!! --Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Happy birthday. The man in the on the plane was amazing.

    1. Thank you! It was very happy. --Yes, he was. :)

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