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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ch. 1: Our Heavenly Father

I'm back! Happy New Year!! No resolutions this year ... just going to try to get some spiritual meal each day and go from there. I know, a plan or goal might be a good idea to have but as you might guess ... I've done that and I'm still "dusting"!! Anyway, I ran into my Relief Society lesson schedule and thought, well I can re-start there. This year, we're studying from the manual, "Gospel Principles" ... perfect! Start at the basics!! So chapter #1 is "Our Heavenly Father".

Surprised that this chapter is only 3 pages long! Then come to think of it ... you either believe God exist or not! Well, this chapter says that there is a God! Hurray!! The beautiful mountains, plains, plants, animals, clouds, moon, stars, sun, ... the universe testify that there is a supreme creator. Really, look at your surroundings and see the marvel. Absolutely breath taking!!

One attribute that God has that this book states may be hard for people to swallow. Well, if you believe that people are made in His image then it makes sense ... that is, that God has a tangible body of flesh and bones (D&C 130:22), but of course His is perfected and glorified. I'll let that sink in and have you ponder that one.

Also, the manual states that everything that He does is to help His children become like Him ... "Behold, this is my work and my glory --to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man", Moses 1:39. Cool, there is life after death and a great one to boot!!

So, believing that there is a God and desiring to want eternal life then getting to know God more and keeping His commandments makes a lot of sense! One follows laws to have order thus avoid chaos. One follows house rules to show love and respect. Such principles apply to God's commandments as well. Knowing all, He knows what's best for each of us. Hence, following His "laws" will lead us to order and eternal life; and following his "house rules" would reciprocate our love and respect to Him.

I testify that there is a God. A very loving Heavenly Father concerned for my welfare. I know of this because I feel His warm hugs of comfort in my times of sorrow, cheers of encouragements in my times of despair, smiles in my times of good will, and exquisite love in my efforts to follow Him ... even when at times I fail because He doesn't give up on me! Also through answered prayers and private miracles. At this very moment I know there is a God because my jaw is stiff, my face is being washed in tears, my heart is aching, ... my body's reaction to the Holy Ghost telling me that what I have read and said is true. I urge you to pray and choose to follow our Heavenly Father.

**Link to the manual is at the sidebar under, Gospel Principles.

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