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Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: The Gift of Angels by Rachel Ann Nunes

The Gift of Angels by Rachel Ann Nunes, AF, 2011, Kindle edition, 128p, My Rating=5
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Angela Thornberry is facing the greatest challenge of her life. All around her people talk about miracles happening to them and how God acts in their behalf. Even the scriptures are full of angels and miracles. As she and her family teeter on the brink of losing everything, Angela needs one of those angels now more than ever.

Her faith wavers as everyone around her seems to receive divine help—everyone except her. Doesn't she too, deserve an angel of mercy? Does the Lord have a plan for her or has her lifetime of faith been misplaced? Then something strange begins to happen, and her entire life changes yet again.

In this fast-moving novella, Rachel Ann Nunes has given readers a vivid peek into the life of a regular Mormon family facing an impossible trial. Or is it impossible? The Gift of Angels will not only make you aware of the angels in your life, but inspire you to become someone else’s angel.

A quick and engaging book about a Mormon mom's struggle with the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  I especially enjoyed the scripture-come-to-life daydreams that the main character, Angela, experienced.  It proved to be a personal revelation that helped her to not only understand the scriptures but how it specifically applied to her ...particularly in how to better approach life with the devastating illness.  Another aspect of the book that I admired was the family involvement.  Angela and each member of her family were given proper page time to demonstrate genuine life reactions and ultimately authentic acceptance or resolve.  Moreover, the title was appropriate and well presented in content.

Overall, I believe this short book packed heartfelt insights that might comfort those and families facing terminal illness.

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