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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Ever After"

Since I didn't know what books are out there, I went to my local library yesterday and asked a librarian for help. This ended up to be the book that she handed me. It didn't grab me at first but then I found myself crying in several occasions; though I suspect more easily during this hormonal time for me! Yeap, that time of the month ... sorry, too much information? Well, throw themes of patriotism, death, love, Christianity to an emotional woman, you get a reader that will finish the book!

I like how the author intertwined the futile concept of war in the love stories. How a woman struggles to find common ground with her fiance; when she is a strong liberal journalist against the war in Iraq and he, a devoted life military man finding good in the war. Through her plea to God to find an answer, she finds it during the example of her daughter's first love to a military man, a 22yo who exudes military blood. His great love to serve his country and compassionate personality marked him an extraordinary man that defines patriotism. People may not like the war but soldiers in the war must be supported.

I cried mostly because I was reminded of how blessed we are to live in a country that allows us to live freely. I cried for the immense gratitude I felt for the men and women who fought and fight to maintain that freedom. I cried for the sacrifices their families bore and bare. I cried for those who paid the highest price to give me safety here. I cried for knowledge of God's hand in allowing us to experience the choice to believe that good prevails. I cried in pride that people have compassion for others who needs it. I cried because life is great.

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