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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Nights in Rodanthe"

Last night I finished this book, another day read. I didn't know this was adapted into a movie until my brother said so when he discovered I was reading this. I know, I don't get out much! Well, I don't think I bought the "fell in love over a weekend" thing. The love letters that supposedly showed proof of such love, I thought was cheesy. Granted love can get cheesy but it didn't work for me here, but I like everything else in the book. I found the love story of Robert and Jill Torrelson more compelling because it was based on long endearing relationship. I like how parenthood was portrayed ... relationships between mother and daughter, father and son. I also liked that I can relate to a middle aged woman wanting to be seen as attractive. Our circumstances are completely different, but I certainly have let myself go and was reminded to take time to groom better! Overall, if you believe in the main characters' "love at first sight" story then the book flows, otherwise it was a crazy fantasy.

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