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Thursday, February 4, 2010

"for one more day"

I took my two youngest to the library today for story time. Gave me a chance to also check out another book. I was actually looking for "have a little faith" by this author, but it was checked out so I have it on hold. In the mean time this was available. When I noticed that it was a short book, I went ahead and checked out another of his book, "the five people you meet in heaven". Anyway, as I suspected this was a quick read. I truly enjoyed it! No tears, but not to say it wasn't moving. Anyway, I like his style of writing. It's different, interesting, and eloquent. This story line I found quite fascinating. Seemingly typical enough ... a down and out man looses hope and turns to suicide. But, the captivating part was that he finds himself in an in-between world where he gets a chance to discover the behind the scene stories of his childhood ... and through this magical adventure he learns self-worth through his mother's eye.

I'm grateful for my parents. The sacrifices they made to make a better life for their children. They too have behind the scene stories that brought me where I am today. For me, this was also a reminder that ancestors paved the way for their children's sake ... their posterity. I can see them dreaming and working for a smoother ride in life for their kin. To them all, I appreciate your efforts and successes.

I also got to reflect on the relationship I have with my mother and the relationship I have with my children as their mother. In sum, I feel a heartbreaking appreciation for my mother's rocky road to get me here. As far as being a mother, I pray that I don't mess them up! :D


  1. Wow... I've never heard of this book but am now very curious. I have lost my grandparents and more recently my mother, and those losses left me feeling ungrounded, almost disconnected from the world... like I didn't really have a place anymore.

    Personally, in the past several months I've learned a new appreciation for my minions and the ties I have with them. I can say in all honesty that there were days where they were the only reason I got out of bed. I think we often take for granted the ties we have to our family and perhaps we need to look a little closer.

  2. Interesting choice. Its like a self-reflection book. I haven't had to many losses lately, but I am always trying to improve myself.

    I'm trying to look at things from my own son's POV and not react as strong as I have normally. I tend to forget how one thing can trigger his "over the top" reactions and put strains on us, although temporary. I certainly want to be a good role model for him, as well as help him grow to be confident and strong.

    Sounds like a good book when one needs to look at themselves and how our ties truly do bring us closer or tear us apart.

  3. I've never heard of this one either. You definitely made me want to check it out. It's not my normal read, but I'm not really sure I have one since my taste is so eclectic. Thanks for sharing the review. :)


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