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Thursday, February 18, 2010

"have a little faith"

I cried again! This time, tears sober from the "monthly curse" so these were tears because it tugged my heart. Tugged it hard! It wasn't even the death that made me break down, but the beautiful man Albert Lewis was. He was full of wisdom, love for humanity, serenity in his faith, and integrity in his journey of life. Mitch Albom did this man justice in this book and what an incredible reminder that good selfless faithful people are the happiest people.

This book also chronicles another man's life, Henry Covington. His 360 degree turn of lifestyle was hard to swallow for the author and for myself. It is easy to judge someone from the life he lead in the past. But that's exactly it, it's the past. Henry gave his last half of his life to God and not to say that these good deeds now would erase his past misdeeds, but he wants to make good of his remaining life and then he's at the Lord's mercy. His story was a reminder that we don't do the judging, we can't "work" our way to heaven alone, and God is good and merciful.

So far I'm liking this guy Mitch Albom. His books stir the spirit and I like that. I like that a lot. You come away from reading his books with something to ponder about and so that's awesome!

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