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Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mount Olympus


This is a challenge to post every day in April (except on Sundays) blogging thematically from A to Z. Go HERE for details. My A-Z theme this year is Greek Mythology inspired by the book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan that I recently read.  Please be aware that what I write is my interpretation of my findings and may not necessarily be accurate are straight quotes.

Also, "Featured Book" at the end of these posts are books I've reviewed in this book blog, coinciding with the letter of the day.

Mount Olympus of Greek Mythology:

  • Regarded as the "home" of the Twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world.
  • It formed itself after the gods defeated the Titans in the Titan War, and soon the palace was inhabited by the gods.
  • It is the setting of many Greek mythical stories.
  • Zeus ruled Mount Olympus, calling the gods who did not reside on the Mount Olympus to attend his court when summoned.
  • Goddesses named Seasons kept the gate of clouds that would permit the divine beings to enter and exit Olympus
  • In words of Homer:  "Olympus was not shaken by winds nor ever wet with rain, nor did snow fall upon it, but the air is outspread clear and cloudless, and over it hovered a radiant whiteness."
  • Lines from Odyssey:  "So saying, Minerva, goddess azure-eyed,
    Rose to Olympus, the reputed seat
    Eternal of the gods, which never storms
    Disturb, rains drench, or snow invades, but calm
    The expanse and cloudless shines with purest day.
    There the inhabitants divine rejoice
    For ever." (Thomas Bulfinch)

Real Mount Olympus of today's Greece:

  • The highest mountain in Greece, located in the Olympus Range on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) away from Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city.
  • It has 52 peaks. The highest peak Mytikas, meaning "nose", rises to 2,917 metres (9,570 ft). It is one of the highest peaks in Europe in terms of topographic prominence
  • Noted for its very rich flora with several species.
  • It is a National Park of Greece and a World's Biosphere Reserve


Yelena Casale

Featured Book:

Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out by Lee Goldberg

Rating: 4


  1. I had a brief fling with greek mythology a couple years ago when I was really into role playing. It is fascinating.

    Melissa at My Creatively Random Life

    1. Yes, fascinating indeed! Haven't a great time learning something new to me. --Thanks for stoppin' by. I'll visit you shortly.

  2. Hi, Visiting from A to Z.
    Seeing the real Mount Olympus it is easy to see why they placed their gods up there.

    1. Very pretty. Would love to visit it someday. --Thanks for swinging by.

  3. Replies
    1. Yay! --Feels like it's further along though. ;)

  4. That area is beautiful. We explored it a few years ago and I was so glad I knew my Greek mythology because I could imagine those gods sitting at the top of Mytikas, making life miserable for the mere humans down below.

  5. This is beautiful! I've always been interested in greek gods.
    My blog:

  6. I've never been to Mt. Olympus but would love to some day.

  7. I wouldn't mind living there! Happy halfway!


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