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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brief reviews

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, YR, 2000, c1943, 83p, rating=3.5
read:  11/15/10

A lovely fable on loneliness and love but it's poetic in essence so it requires a little more reflection for me to get it.  It's sad, sweet, and deep.  The illustrations were lovely as well.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, YR, 1987, audio cassettes, 7hrs, rating=3.5
read:  11/18/10
~I couldn't find an image of the cover I listened from so I picked one I liked instead.

I think I would enjoy this more if I had read the book version instead.  There's just something more of a retaining value when I can see the written words, feel and touch the book pages, and my own 'voice' narrating.  But maybe the sporadic listening didn't help.  Anyway, Tom's adventures included fun, trickery, imagination, and chivalry.  A nice nostalgic example of how a child makes use and discovers his world.  It can make you want to be a carefree kid again mischievous, impress a girl, attend your own funeral, play pirate, play hooky, sail a makeshift boat, get tangled in a murder mystery, go in a cave, etc.

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