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Friday, November 5, 2010

Brief reviews

Here's my experience with a couple Playaway digital audio books.  ~What's Playaway, you ask?  Well, go to my post HERE for details. ~They're pretty pricey so I borrow from my local library.  :)

 Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, by Seth Grahame-Smith, 2010, Playaway digital audio, 10hrs, rating=3.5
read:  10/30/10

OK, this was my Halloween read since I can't handle the Exorcist kind of scary! Anyway, this was pretty clever. Though dark and sad, it was an interesting way to read historical references. If you didn't know better, you'd think that it happened exactly the way it was described in this book. Well done Mr. Grahame-Smith.

The 9th Judgment, by James Patterson, 2010, Playaway digital audio, 7hrs, rating=3.5
read: 11/5/10

The earphones were glued to my ears! Though the story was sickening, it was a mystery thrill that I wanted to see through the end so I just kept on listening. I left the kids to tend to themselves (good ol' TV...but I was a room or two away) and listened while I cleaned (to be productive). I even listened with one earphone while I drove! Anyway, it was fascinating how Mr. Patterson ended up connecting the three cases: (1) The reprehensible killings of women and children by the "Lipstick Killer", (2) The "Hello Kitty" thief, and (3) The mystery killing of a movie star's wife. I was more interested in the development of the first over the other two. Of course because I wanted that case solved and the killer brought to justice. Well, the ending was a bit of a let down. Not entirely bad but ...I don't know. Plus, that epilogue was weird! A cheesy plug for a sequel.

Though only having read two of Mr. Patterson's books, this and Alex Cross's Trial, I can see the appeal people have for him. His mystery subjects get you hooked from the beginning, the middle development secures that hook, then you just keep reading hoping for a thundering end. That said, calling Patterson fans ...which of his books do you recommend I read next?


  1. I think the Playaways are really fun. They are kind of expensive -- did you get them at the library? I love James Patterson, and his Alex Cross novels are my favorite. I would read one of the early ones -- I think my fav is "Kiss the Girls."

  2. I was also impressed with how James Patterson connected 2-3 cases in his books. My favourite is Along Came a Spider.


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