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Monday, November 15, 2010

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" (Book #1)

by J.K. Rowling, YR, 1997, 309p, rating=5

Last week, I got invited to see the upcoming midnight showing of Harry Potter #7 Part I and got to thinking that I should read the books!  I haven't seen any of the movies ... yes, clips here and there but didn't think anything of it.  WOW WOW WOW!!!  I so totally see all the rave now.  I am happy that I finally started this series.  Although I'd love to see the upcoming movie, I don't want to see any spoilers but rather enjoy reading the rest of the installments and catch up.  So, I'll hold off and see it later.

Ms Rowling surely has an incredible imagination.  She was throwing those adventures left and right as if she was making it up as she went along.  Like when you tell your kids an impromptu bedtime story and the kids eat it all up.  Afterall, there was magic, games, candies, potions, forbidden forest, and on and on and on.  I was eating up this spectacular book!  She must have had fun coming up with those names and terms too.  Hogwarts, Dumbledore, Hufflepuff, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean, Muggles, and tons more.  I loved them!!  And there were all sort of creatures... dragons, centaurs, owls, goblins, rats, etc.  For crying out loud, there's unicorns!  Who doesn't like unicorns?  Of course, the cast of characters were marvelous.  AAAHH, I so enjoyed reading this amazing book and especially how it ended!!

I read this at the perfect time too.  Nothing like reading this in the midst of PMS to make this book even more exciting.  I know, too much information!  It's just that my moodiness went along with the book.  The beginning was so sad, then an adventurous craziness, followed by a very happy ending.  The ending was what sealed the deal for me.  I'm a total sucker for a happy ending with a moral growth building aspect.

If you're one of the seven who has not read this book Nike says, just do it!  I'm having my soon to be 8yo son read it over the minimum week and holiday break.  He's excited.  He actually saw the movie adaptation of this book.  I had to Shhh! a few times because he kept saying things like, "Have you gotten to that part yet when...".  Anyway, a truly must read book.  It was exhilarating!!  :)


  1. YAY, you are reading the series!!! I am so excited for you. Oh, to capture that bliss of reading the books for the first time!!!! Can you believe I am jealous?

  2. I would love to be able to read that series for the first time again. Rowling will evoke emotion from you. You'll fall in love with the characters and they will end up seeming like real people! Plus you don't have any wait period between the books being published. I hope you enjoy the series!


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