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Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Before the Dawn"

by Carol Warburton, AF, 2003, audio cassettes, 4.5hrs, rating=3.5

"Clarissa Yeager never imagined a more terrifying reality than being abandoned by her husband in a harsh wilderness, then receiving word of his death.  But as she takes a heroic stand to save her homestead for both herself and her unborn child, she discovers she must do much more than just face an uncertain future.  The time has come for her to battle the demons of days past.  Her companion in this journey is Quinn, a kind neighbor and gentle friend who is also alone and battling his own ghosts of the past.  Together, they begin an adventure in the grand expanse of the Oregon wilderness, struggling to survive against both the elements and the consequences of past decisions.  While a premature birth during a mountain rainstorm jeopardizes the lives of both Clarissa and her baby, an even greater danger threatens to destroy them." (back cover)

I pictured this in my head as the likes of one of those Hallmark movies set in the prairie times.  Decent people battling harsh physical elements and western bad dudes.  But this story is mainly the struggles of one woman (only 17yo ..but a woman at those times...1800s) who married a selfish man.  Mind you, she only married Jacob to get away from another man.  Here was her story of her fight to make the best of circumstances.  This woman, Clarissa, was an endearing character.   I also like the part where her friends, including Quinn, rally to her side.  An overall nice story of courage, hope, friendship, and second chances but it struck me as predictable. 

By the way, I didn't realize that this is a sequel.  Without any background to the first book, I think this book stands alone just fine.

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