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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Writing Jane Austen"

by Elizabeth Aston, AF, 2010, audio Playaway, 9hrs, rating=3

"Critically acclaimed and award-winning — but hardly bestselling — author Georgina Jackson can’t get past the first chapter of her second book. When she receives an urgent email from her agent, Georgina is certain it’s bad news. Shockingly, she’s offered a commission to complete a newly discovered unfinished manuscript by a major nineteenth-century author. Skeptical at first about her ability to complete the manuscript, Georgina is horrified to learn that the author in question is Jane Austen.
Torn between pushing through or fleeing home to America, Georgina relies on the support of her banker-turned-science-student roommate, Henry, and his quirky teenage sister, Maud — a serious Janeite. With a sudden financial crisis looming, the only way Georgina can get by is to sign the hugely lucrative contract and finish the book." (back cover)

At first reading of the side binding title, I was confused.  Aston-Austen ...what?  Then I pulled out the audio cover and read the synopsis and then it made sense.  I know, it doesn't take much to confuse me!  Anyway, it sounded interesting and it started off so.  But it just dragged on after that.  I kept thinking, okay Georgina don't be such a wuss.  Make up your mind, either do it or not.  I didn't care for her long drawn out evasive decision process.  It gave her a childish character.  Not pretty for a rising author.  So if it wasn't for the last couple of chapters, I would have rated this a solid 2.  Plus, I like her sidekicks, Henry and Maud.  They rock!  They're the interesting ones and pulled me to the end.  Oh, Livia, the hard-nosed agent livened up the storyline which was a comedic treat.

If you're a serious Jane Austen fan, I don't think this would render a place next to her original books.  This just has her name for clout.  Though, it does have tidbits about Jane Austen which you might care to investigate.

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