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Monday, January 10, 2011


I was thinking of reviewing some toddler books in this fashion.  I probably won't review every picture book we read at home but whenever my mood sees it fit, I guess. 

by Jane O'Connor, 2010, 32p, rating=3

"The fashion boutique is a huge success, but it's also Nancy's little sister's birthday. And when it starts to rain, her birthday party might be ruined! Nancy knows she has to come up with an idea—a brilliant one—and fast."
Of course, a very girlie-girlie book.  Picture full of frilly dresses, jewelries, accessories, but to add a bit of spice ... some pirate theme.  Beautiful illustrations done by Robin Preiss Glasser.  The story had a good deed lesson.
by Joan Holub, 2010, 32p, rating=5

"Every bright star in Ms. Sun's class could hardly wait to be a superstar. Twinkle knew what she would share when it was her turn-her very favorite song! But first, Blaze shared his asteroid cookies, Beamer brought his pet comet, and Shimmer led the class in Constellation Tag. Then Blink sang... oh, no! the very song Twinkle thought only she knew! Can Twinkle find something else to share? Maybe if she wishes and wishes..."

The kids and I enjoyed this book.  Cute story, concept, conflict resolution, and expressive facial illustrations.  Also love the trivial facts in the front and back of the book.

by David Shannon, 2008, 32p, rating=5

"Spencer has too many toys! He has robots, puzzles, board games, stuffed animals, and plastic dinosaurs. Toys spill out of every drawer and closet and clutter the floor of every room. Come along as Spencer tries to persuade his mother to keep them all—because every single toy is his favorite!"

We love David Shannon's David books in this house.  Some of those funny, crazy antics ring true to our clan and this book is no exception!  Especially with the recent holidays and birthdays, we have toys coming out of our ears!!  But when I finally get myself together, I'll sift through them when the kids are not around otherwise they'll pull a Spencer and say But I love them all! ...BTW, the quirkly, almost scary looking illustrations have grown on me and I can totally spot a David Shannon illustrated book!!

by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, 2010, 34p, rating=3

"My mommy hung the moon.
She tied it with string.
My mommy's good at EVERYTHING."

I like the plot but the delivery was shaky.  The rhymes were a bit of a stretch and the illustrations was bland and cluttered.  But again, I do like and agree that mommies are good at EVERYTHING ... daddies too, I'd like to add.

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