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Friday, January 21, 2011

"Darkly Dreaming Dexter"

by Jeffry Lindsay, AF, 2004, Playaway, 8.5hrs, rating=4

"Dexter Morgan appears to be the perfect gentleman.  He is handsome and polite, and has been in a relationship for nearly a year and a half.  Yet appearances can be deceiving, for Dexter is a serial killer who has slain many people.  But in this tale, he's the good guy, for there is one little twist--Dexter only snuffs out other murderers.  When another serial killer, with an eerily similar style, starts grabbing headlines.  Dexter has a fairly morbid thought.  Am I being challenged?" (back flap)

This is not my usual cup of tea.  That is, books geared to themes of murderers and psychopaths but I'm trying to spread my wings.  Anyway, from reading the synopsis it sounded interesting and that it could be an episode in one of those detective TV shows.  To my surprise, apparently there was/is (?) a Dexter series in Showtime channel (I have young kids so the only cable channels around this house are cartoon ones).  Hmm, I would like to catch an episode of the show for comparison.  Anywho, anywho, this certainly isn't for the faint of heart.  Lots of blood splatters, chopped up bodies, and crazies.  But its saving grace was that I got several chuckles and it had a wicked ending! 

Nick Landrum's narrating voice was just right.  Dramatic, charismatic, ... movie star quality to it.  I was totally following the characters' traits through his dramatization.  So good that I forgot that one actor was playing all the parts.  Great job Mr. Landrum!  Oh, of course kudos to Mr. Lindsay as well for setting up interesting characters.

So if you can stomach some blood and insanity then this is a thriller worth checking out.  It was entertaining, it had captivating cast of characters, and wham, that ending!!  What a twist!  Of course, this is an excitement coming from a newbie mystery-thriller reader.  Those into this genre might say, "What are you talking about?  I saw that coming.  That happens all the time!".  Well, good to be a newbie then.


  1. is this like the tv show Dexter? I don't watch it so i'm not sure, sounds similar though.

  2. If you wanna comment on review and get those points back I'll leave you the link:

    Thanks for review by the way-- It sounds interesting.


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